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Welcome to Samlex, your trusted source for high-quality DC-AC power inverters! Our cutting-edge inverters are designed to provide dependable and efficient conversion of direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC), ensuring a seamless power supply for your camper, boat, car, solar system, or standalone battery.

Explore Our DC-AC Power Inverters: At Samlex, we offer a diverse range of DC-AC inverters tailored to meet your specific needs. Whether you’re seeking a compact solution for your mobile adventures or a robust inverter for your off-grid power setup, we have you covered

Explore our range of DC-AC Power Inverter Categories:

Pure Sinewave Inventer SWI-series

Pure Sinewave Inventer PSI-series

Pure Sinewave Inventor PST-series

Pure Sinewave Inventor PS-series

Pure Sinewave Inventor-Charger PSC-series

Pure Sinewave Inventor-C/W Transfer Switch

Key features:

  • Reliability: Our DC-AC inverters are engineered to deliver consistent and reliable performance, enabling you to power your devices and appliances with confidence.
  • Efficiency: Experience efficient power conversion with minimal energy loss, thanks to our advanced inverter technology.
  • Versatility: From campers and boats to solar installations and backup systems, our inverters seamlessly integrate into various applications, providing the AC power you need, wherever you need it.
  • Quality: Samlex is synonymous with quality. Our inverters are built to last, featuring robust construction and stringent quality control measures to ensure longevity and durability.


DC to AC power inverters

Join countless satisfied customers who rely on Samlex for their power conversion needs. Experience the convenience of converting DC to AC power effortlessly. Shop now and take your power supply to the next level with Samlex!

Explore Our DC-AC Power Inverter Categories:

Samlex offers a wide selection of DC-AC power inverters. Visit our product category page to discover our reliable power solutions:

Pure Sine Wave Inverters: Experience clean and stable AC power output, suitable for sensitive electronics and equipment.

Inverter Chargers: Combine inverter and battery charger functionalities for comprehensive power management.

Compact Inverters: Space-saving options designed for mobile applications, such as RVs and boats.

Heavy-Duty Inverters: Robust inverters capable of handling higher power demands for larger systems.

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