Welcome to Samlex Europe’s miscellaneous power products section, where we offer an array of essential electrical components to complement your power solutions. Discover our high quality products: 

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Battery Accessoires Miscellaneous

Galvanic Isolator

Insulation Guard

PIR DC-Switch

Miscellaneous Power Products – Samlex Europe

All of the products have carefully been selected in order to provide the best quality. Explore our diverse categories, each specifically made to fulfil your specific power-related requirements:

Battery Accessoires Miscellaneous

Enhance your battery systems with a variety of Power Conversion Accessoires, including a Battery Equaliser, Universal Battery Seperator for Albright relay and 3 versions of Battery Data Loggers. From the connectors to terminals, find the components you need to maintain and optimize your batteries.

Galvanic Isolator

Use Galvanic Isolators to guarantee safe and efficient power distribution on board. To meet the current CE standard (ENSIO 13297), the ground of the AC shore power must be connected to the ground of the boat. When lightweight is requested, the GI-16 is the most ideal product to be installed between the ground of the AC-shore power and the boat.

Insulation Guard

Ensure safety in you electrical installations with our insulation guards. Prevent any problems with the detection of potential insulation faults, to maintain your system safety.

PIR DC-Switch

Easy and efficient power control is guaranteed with our PIR DC-Switches. These devices are able to detect motion in order to switch DC-powered applications, enhancing energy efficiency and security.

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Miscellaneous Power Products

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Explore Our Miscellaneous Power Product Categories:

Samlex offers a wide selection of Miscellaneous Power Products. Visit our product category page to discover our reliable power solutions:

Battery Accessoires Miscellaneous: Explore our best selection Battery Accessoires. Enhance your battery systems with a variety of Power Conversion Accessoires

Galvanic Isolator: Discover safe and efficient power distribution on board with our Galvanic Isolators

Insulation Guard: Ensure safety in your electrical installations with our Insulation Guards.

PIR DC-Switch: Passive Infra Red DC-Switch

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