The robust electronic and mechanical design makes the Powersine range of professional DC to AC sinewave inverters suitable for a wide range of applications. The very clean and interference free output of a Powersine inverter, ensures correct operation of sensitive equipment connected to the inverter output. The Powersine inverter range offers a wide range of models, each with different input voltage ranges and various output power levels. Moreover, the newest available technology results in extremely efficient operation with very low ‘noload’ consumption, saving valuable energy consumed from the battery. The Automatic Standby Function (ASB), standard in all Powersine inverters, will even reduce the noload consumption by an extra 70%! The relatively small size of the Powersine inverters makes it suitable for a wide range of applications. Whether you need an inverter for your (service) car, truck, boat or RV/Caravan, the inverters can be mounted easily into your area. The Powersine inverters are protected against high/low battery voltage, high temperature, overload and short circuit. Moreover, the inverters are very efficient and have a variable speed fan which makes silent operation possible.

✓ Innovative product design
✓ ISO 9001-2015 certified
✓ Strict Quality Control

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Input Voltage 21 to 32 VDC
Output Voltage 230VAC+/-2%
Dimensions 228 x 113 x 163mm
Output 600 Watts
Fuse Rating n/a
Weight 6.5 Kgs
  • Pure sinewave AC output
  • Robust design
  • High surge power output
  • Very efficient
  • Protected against high/low battery voltage, high temperature, overload and short circuit
  • Automatic Standby function to reduce no-load power consumption
  • Variable speed fan for silent operation
  • Schuko socket (AUS/NZ or British optional)
  • 1.5 meters DC connection cable included
  • European product
  • 2 year warranty