This highly efficient switch mode step-down DC-DC converter converts an input voltage of 24 VDC nominal (range 20 VDC to 35 VDC) to a highly regulated output voltage of 12 VDC nominal (13.8 VDC) at 20 Amps. The SDC-20 DC-DC converter is non-isolated (no galvanic isolation between input and output) and meant for use in negative ground systems. Features include short circuit, reverse polarity and overvoltage protection.

✓ Innovative product design
✓ ISO 9001-2015 certified
✓ Strict Quality Control

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Input Voltage 20-35 VDC
Output Voltage 13.8 VDC +/- 0,1V
Dimensions 126 x 49 x 88 mm
Output 20 Amps
Fuse Rating 20 Amps
Weight 0,48 kgs
  • Advanced switch-mode power conversion design
  • Highly efficient
  • Easy to mount in just about any location
  • Current limit circuitry
  • Compact and light weight
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Current limiting circuit
  • Overvoltage crowbar circuit
  • Non-Isolated for negative ground system
  • 2 year warranty
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