This advanced fully automatic 4-stage 30 Amp battery charger is ideal for charging all types of 12 Volt lead-acid batteries ( Flooded / Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) / Gel Cell), LI-Ion from a 115/230 V, 50/60 Hz AC source. A DIP switch setting can be used to convert to a two stage algorithm, in order to charge batteries connected to a DC load (DC UPS). The unit can also be used as a DC Power Supply. Features include overload and short circuit protection. The unit allows charging of up to 2 separate battery banks and a special starter battery output as extra.

✓ Innovative product design
✓ ISO 9001-2015 certified
✓ Strict Quality Control

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Input Voltage 100-240 VAC
Output Voltage 14,8-13,5 VDC, 13,8Vdc for SB
Dimensions 265 x 171 x 70 mm
Output 30 Amps, 2 Amps for SB
Fuse Rating n/a
Weight 1,6 Kgs
  • Wide input range 100-240Vac / 50/60Hz
  • Charger/ Power supply function
  • Power factor correction 0.97
  • Half power mode function
  • Fan speed controlled
  • Slim line design
  • Light Weight
  • High Efficiency >90%
  • Extra starterbattery output 2 Amps@13,8Vdc
  • 2 year warranty