How does a battery separator work?

How does a battery separator work?

From powering our mobile devices to moving our vehicles, batteries enable us to do our daily routines. We all could not be doing this as safely and easily, without the battery separator.

Understanding the battery separator

A battery separator, although often overlooked, is an important part of any battery system with a starter- and an accessory battery (2nd battery). Its main purpose is to provide separation, whereby if the starter battery is not charged, the accessory battery is not connected. This seemingly simple role serves several crucial purposes:

  • Optimal charging: The battery separator ensures that the accessory battery is optimally charged.
  • Extending battery life: Battery separators maximize efficient battery usage, resulting in longer battery life (starter-and accessory battery).
  • Improving safety: Thanks to the battery separators, the starter battery will always be sufficiently charged so that the vehicle can be started safely.

The Samlex BSWM 160 DUAL

If you want a battery separator that is reliable and of high quality, then the BSWM 160 DUAL from Samlex is the best option. Samlex is a trusted name in the power supply industry, known for its commitment to quality and innovation. The BSWM 160 DUAL reinforces this and presents advanced technology with high quality.

Main features of the BSWM 160 DUAL:

  • Double battery separation: The BSWM 160 DUAL is specially designed to handle two battery banks (starter- and accessory battery) and guarantees isolation between the two banks. This feature makes it an excellent use for applications in the automotive, marine, trucking and communications industries.
  • Voltage sensing technology: The BSWM 160 DUAL is equipped with a relay that can detect the voltage and monitor any state of charge in each battery bank, thereby keeping the batteries in optimal condition.
  • Engine vibrations: In addition to voltage detection, the BSWM 160 DUAL also has the option to detect Engine vibrations and thus “see” that the engine is on.
  • Best solution: through the combination of voltage- and engine vibration detection, the BSWM 160 DUAL will always connect the starter battery with the accessory battery at the right moment.
  • Compact and durable design: the BSWM 160 DUAL is designed for quick installation and a long service life. Ensures reliable performance even under difficult conditions.

Why Choose the BSWM 160 DUAL?

The BSWM 160 DUAL from Samlex ensures safety, efficiency and reliability. Here’s why this is the best option:

  • Safety first: with the BSWM 160 DUAL, the starter battery will always be sufficiently charged to start the vehicle or vessel.
  • Battery life: Voltage sensing and engine sensing technology ensures your accessory battery is optimally charged, resulting in a longer lifespan.
  • Easy installation: The BSWM 160 DUAL has a simple installation process.
  • Trusted Brand: Samlex is a long-standing partner in the energy conversion industry. Samlex always strives to deliver the highest quality.

The BSWM 160 DUAL for all your needs

The BSWM 160 DUAL from Samlex has many applications for your power needs. Here are some of the most commonly used applications:

  • Automotive sector: The BSWM 160 DUAL is an ideal part for a vehicle battery. It ensures that the car’s accessory batteries are optimally charged and prevents the starter battery from discharging when the engine is not running. The battery disconnector is essential to properly power your car and use it as efficiently as possible, making it a crucial component in traditional and electric vehicles.
  • Maritime industry: The battery separator also offers great value to the maritime industry. Power supply of navigation systems, communications equipment and hybrid systems. This is all done to prevent your starter battery from discharging.
  • Truck industry: The BSWM 160 DUAL is a perfect addition to your long journeys in your truck. It manages your power distribution by powering your electronic equipment while preventing starter batteries from draining. These features ensure safe rides for every truck driver.
  • Telecommunications sector: The telecommunications sector requires consistent power distribution, with as much efficiency as possible. The BSWM 160 DUAL powers the most vital components while preventing the battery from draining.


Within the energy conversion industry, the battery separator is an essential component that ensures the safety, efficiency and longevity of your battery. Anyone looking to purchase a high-quality battery separator should consider the BSWM 160 DUAL from Samlex. It gives you the safety you need and extends the life of your battery. When it comes to your power needs, don’t hesitate and choose the BSWM 160 DUAL, for the best solution.

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