The Powersine Combi inverter/charger range is based on the latest generation Powersine inverter engine, which guarantees very reliable operation and huge output power reserves. The Powersine Combi also features a powerful intelligent battery charger and an ultra fast AC transfer switch. All this is combined in a very compact, yet installer friendly unit. The Powersine Combi offers many innovative features like AC Input Power Boost, which temporarily assists weak AC input sources when more power is needed than available. Another feature is AC Input Current Limit, which limits the maximum current consumed from the AC input source by the Powersine Combi in charger mode


Input Voltage 21 to 32 VDC
Output Voltage 230VAC+/-2%
Dimensions 370 x 431 x 132mm
Output 2800 Watts
Fuse Rating n/a
Weight 19.0 Kgs
  • Pure sinewave AC output
  • High surge power output
  • High efficiency
  • 4-stage programmable battery charger
  • Power factor corrected AC input
  • Fast AC transfer switch
  • AC Input Power Boost
  • AC Input Current Limit (adjustable)
  • Protected against high/low battery voltage, low AC input voltage, over temperature, overload, short circuit etc
  • Variable fan speed for silent operation
  • Remote on/off possibility
  • Remote control possibility by SamlexLINK
  • 2 year warranty